Drama Rama Poem

Today is one of those days where I've just had enough.

I've seen misguided, privileged people pretend to care about a cause when they care only about themselves.

I've seen enough people die because they dared stand up for the right to have a future.

I've seen enough videos of the intifada filmed in places where I have stood.

I've seen enough of the brainwashed masses spout off about Israel's right to defend itself.

I've seen enough friends be attacked for doing nothing except focusing on the reality in Palestine.

I'm only 32. But I've seen enough to last a lifetime.

A few sentences I jotted earlier:

Drama Rama
A merry go round
It seems something is always going down

People say they're committed
They are part of the cause
And then turn on their allies, teeth and claws

People are dying in the streets
But instead we are focused on how you were mistreat-Ted,
they're dead

but you're full of crocodile tears
And half hearted cheers

Injustice in Palestine