Frustration at bias in mainstream news

I watch my newsfeed rather than the news these days. Watching the mainstream media always ends up with me yelling at the TV and going to my local news' Facebook page. Someone needs to tell them that they are wrong. Yes it's sad that 3 Israelis have lost their life. But why aren't we hearing about the 23 Palestinians who lost their lives as well?

Why didn't the news point out that Hadeel was executed while unarmed with her hands up while being screamed at in Hebrew. Who did she pose a threat to?

I woke up the other day and I saw my husband had posted a video of our daughter and him being silly. Right below that in my feed I saw Rafah in the arms of her father much like my daughter was. But Rafah would never laugh and sing again because she was killed by an Israeli air strike while she slept along with her pregnant mother.

Ahmed, only 13 years old, was shot in the neck and left to die while Israeli settlers laughed and taunted him, yelling "Die you Arab, Sharmoota, shoot him in the head"

But nobody in America is paying attention. Well Hilary Clinton is. She expressed her condolences for the Israelis who can't go grocery shopping. Not a word about the Palestinians being executed by the IDF and settlers.

She stayed silent on the allegations that Israelis are shooting Palestinians before settlers can in order to keep international condemnation to a minimum. I mean no one has held them accountable before so why would the Israelis believe it needs to change. And these allegations seem to be pretty accurate when there are documented instances in the past few weeks that unarmed Palestinians sought protection from Israeli police while being chased by settlers only to be shot dead by them.

Words are such subjective things. Especially in the hands of the media.

"A rebellion is always legal in the first person such as 'our rebellion.' It is only in the third person 'their rebellion' that it becomes illegal." Benjamin Franklin

If we had the type of news coverage today as we did when America fought for independence from England (how funny since Americans also came and occupied a land with no real invitation or legal right to and then fought for independence) would we be calling the American rebels terrorists instead?

Since when is fighting to protect what is yours, what has always been yours terrorism? Why are Palestinians forced to guarantee the safety of their occupiers?

They say those who don't understand history will be doomed to repeat it. Here we are, the ‪‎Third Intifada‬ and the root of the problem hasn't even been acknowledged let alone solved.

Intifade against Israeli oppression