Mindful Intifada

This is my personal blog, A Mindful Intifada. Crazy name huh? But it suits me. A lot of Americans probably don't know what Intifada means. Quite simply put it means uprising. And I sorta feel like I'm waging a battle every day just trying to be myself in a world that is constantly trying to force me to change. And the word intifada is actually pretty commonplace in my vocabulary too. You see I'm a Palestinian Human Rights Activist. I am also a mother. I have 3 amazing Palestinian American children. And obviously a Palestinian husband.

This blog is a my personal battle to be myself, be aware in this world. And also how I try to raise my children in this confusing world so that they can be proud of both parts of their heritage. I'm sure I will inevitably get haters and trolls who will try to bring me down but right now not a single person knows about this page. That's kind of liberating. I'm sure eventually people will stumble on to my site and share their opinions. I'm just happy to share my life.


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Thank you for Mindful Intifada for letting us share her experience of visiting Palestine on Social Justice News!

Mindful Intifada - Palestine